The movie

Paul Howard (Imagine Films, Ireland) and David Peat (Bohm’s former colleague and biographer) are working on a 90-minutefeature documentary on the Life and Ideas of David Bohm. Several interviews have already been filmed with leading Physicists, Philosophers, Spiritualists and Artists. Future interviews will include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Leroy Little Bear (on the Blackfoot language and process world view in relationship to Bohm’s views on movement, change and a process language).

Computer animations will make accessible many of Bohm’s scientific breakthrough experiments with his long time collaborator Basil Hiley.

Key archive will feature the many larger-than-life characters that Bohm interacted with throughout his life, notably, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Krishnamurti and many others.

Key moments from Bohm’s life will be dramatized through dramatic reconstructions.

Some key selections for the Bohm-Krishnamurti dialogues will also be featured.

We hope to premiere the film during the Bohm centennial celebrations in 2017 as well as the 25th anniversary of Bohm’s death in the same year. These premieres will form a series of ‘special’ event screenings to mark the centennial celebrations in a variety of world capitals, most notably in Vienna, Austria; Italy and the U.K. These event screenings will be followed by a cinema release of the documentary and later television distribution.