Constant unfolding

By September 10, 2013

Philip K. Dick is one of my favorite science fiction writers. As you probably know many of his novels and short stories have been made into films. You will have seen “The Truman Show”, but did you notices that although it’s based on a Dick story have you noticed that Philip K Dick is not acknowledged in the credits?

But you must be asking what has Dick got to do with David Bohm? Well Dick was a believer in the Gnostic heresy, that our world was not created by God but by an inferior demiurge. And so our world is less than ideal but somewhere else there exists a more perfect world. That is where the two men meet for Bohm considered that the world we see around us, the world of well defined objects in space and time is more of a surface phenomenon, almost an illusion. He called this everyday world the Explicate Order, below it is concealed something deeper, the Implicate Order. In other words the world we explore with our senses is not hard and fast and fixed but is a constant unfolding and enfolding from the Implicate Order.