We invite you to join us on an incredible journey into eternal presence, a journey existing outside the bounds of space and time, no future no past, beginning in the now unfathomable depths of un-manifest formless consciousness, always enfolding and unfolding into manifest form consciousness, from the implicate to the explicate… Enter the ever present Infinite Potential of David Bohm and participate in the making of this fascinating and extraordinary feature documentary film on the Life and Ideas of David Bohm, brilliant physicist and explorer of consciousness.

A student of Oppenheimer, Bohm became the Dalai Lama’s “scientific guru”, and the man Einstein referred to as his ‘spiritual son’. Bohm proved to be one of the 20th Century’s most brilliant thinkers in the fields of physics, philosophy, psychology, language and education.

His contributions include the deep connections between mind and matter, the need for wholeness in life and society, the possibilities for a transformation of human consciousness, and a dialogue process that may help to heal the fragmentation of contemporary society and bring insight into how fixed positions and attitudes are physically structured within the body itself.

We need your support to get this film made by inviting you to make a donation to the production of this film, a film that will for the first time definitively document the life transforming ideas and discoveries of a man whose contribution to the debate on science, religion, art, self realization and meaningful change and transformation within society, have thus far, remained under appreciated. Now we endeavor to make accessible to a global audience Bohm’s incredible contribution AND through your participation make a film that will show Bohm to be a man and a great human being who understood the underlying origin and nature of our universe and humanity’s place within the wholeness of its creation.

Join us in this incredible journey…