By November 13, 2013

Now we come to one of the key figures who was to influence one aspect of Bohm’s life, Jiddu Krishnamurti.  As a young man Krishnamurti had been discovered by Annie Besant and hailed as the reincarnation of one of the great world teachers. He was placed at the head or the Order of the Star. However Krishnamurti dissolved the organization declaring that “truth is a pathless land”. However he continued to give teachings in Ojai, California, Brockwood Park, England, and in Switzerland.

Bohm became interested in Krishnamurti and arranged for an initial meeting in London. During their conversation Krishanmurti greeted Bohm with great enthusiasm as the two men soon became very close. Bohm became closely involved in the Krishanmurti School and Brockwood Park and the two men had many discussions together which were tape recorded, transcript and subsequently published. He saw parallels between their ways of thinking. From quantum theory Bohm knew that during a measurement “the observer is the observed”, for his part Krishnamurti taught that “the thinker is the thought”.