Paul Howard

Paul Howard - Producer and director of the documentary on David Bohm

Paul Howard is a Producer and Director of International repute. Paul has worked across most genres in the film/television industry for the past 20 years in Ireland and overseas in a variety of roles including director, producer, series producer, editor, writer and assistant director.

Paul has produced, directed and edited many critically acclaimed and award winning programmes and documentaries. He has worked variously for RTE (Irelands Public Service Broadcaster), Imagine Ltd, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 9 (Sydney, Australia), Nomad Films International (Melbourne, Australia) and Sky Visuals (Sydney, Australia). He has worked across most genres including biography, natural history, wildlife, medical, science and most factual and entertainment formats.

Paul also has performed the role of joint managing director in a number of Independent Television companies including IMAGINE FILMS (Ireland) with partner Bernadette Stapleton. Paul is currently finalising production on a feature film titled Twice Upon A Time in Dublin and is in activate pre-production on another feature film.

Some of his recent successes include MOVIE TALK – a 10-part series of intimate biographical portraits featuring Irelands most talented movie stars, producers, writers and directors; A major three part series titled “21st CENTURY RAILWAYS; Waiting for Houlihan, a single one-hour ‘Arts’ documentary on Con Houlihan, sports writer extraordinaire and literary populist which was nominated for an IFTA award; Secret Sights – a six part series on previously undiscovered secrets of Irish history; MARSH TO THE SKIES – a television feature on the secret Irish/American alliance that gave American access to Shannon Airport during the ‘Cold War’ period;   Ironing The Land – a six part documentary series on Ireland’s railways since they first came to Ireland in 1834; BLOOMSDAY, a documentary ‘special’ on the epic novel ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce;  Recently Paul finished work on  THE IRISH IN HOLLYWOOD – a documentary “special” on the cultural impact that the Irish have had on the famous Film Town and on American cinema.

Paul has also worked extensively in Australia where he completed Triumph of the Nomads – a history of Australia prior to the arrival of the white man.  And The Pintubi, a series about the last remaining tribe of Aborigines who roamed the outback of Australia up until 1935. Also Breakthroughs – a science and medical series focusing on new developments in the worlds of science and medicine.