Thinking about Bohm’s past

By August 30, 2013

In preparation for this film I have been thinking about Bohm’s past, the Bohm before I knew him. Thinking about the Bohm I met via his taped memoirs, the letters he and Einstein exchanged and the memories he recounted to me.

When Bohm moved to Princeton from California he took a room in the house next door to Einstein. The two men met and became very close. Einstein told Bohm’s fiancée at the time, Hanna Lowey, that he looked on the younger man as his “spiritual son.”

Bohm and Einstein had many discussions and exchanges of letters but on one matter they could never agree. Einstein felt that “the good Lord” was subtle but not malicious and therefore it would be possible to eventually uncover the ultimate level to reality – something hidden beneath the quantum and relativistic theories which would be the final theory for physics, the end of its goal.

Bohm disagreed. He pointed out that for two hundred years quantum theory had laid hidden under Newtonian physics. Beneath quantum theory would be another, deeper theory, and below that yet another. For Bohm reality was inexhaustible. And as far as I could see it remained inexhaustible until the day he died.